For ten years, the women of “Books on the Rock” have been meeting monthly …

to read and discuss Newfoundland fiction, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, protest that they really shouldn’t have another piece of cake but have it anyway — and, mostly, to talk. They’ve been there for each other through work and retirement, marriage and divorce, illness and empty nests. They are bunch of tough, funny, opinionated women who can handle just about anything life throws at them … except, possibly, murder.

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Not the Foggiest Clue is a serialized mystery novel by Newfoundland writer Trudy Morgan-Cole
Not the Foggiest Clue¬†is for readers who love cozy mysteries. It’s Women of a Certain Age who are deciding whether or not to keep colouring their hair. It’s for people who come to book club because they feel strongly about the book and need to talk about it — and it’s for people who never quite got around to reading the book but still show up for the desserts, the drinks, and the gossip. It’s for readers “from here” — St. John’s, Newfoundland — who like solving a mystery in a familiar setting … and it’s for readers “from away” who’d like to visit but can’t right now (you know, because of the COVID). Mostly, it’s one writer’s attempt to have a bit of fun and try something new during another lockdown … with the hope that you’ll come along for the journey.